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Company Update | June 2024

We're shifting to detailed blog posts instead of monthly videos, with quarterly videos for comprehensive updates.
Innovation & Discovery

Drone Control System | Vol 1

We developed a drone control system using our simulation platform, showcasing how to model quadcopter dynamics and implement controls.
Innovation & Discovery

The Lobster Talks Podcast | The Unreal Engine for Aerospace

Our CEO Daniel went on the Lobster Talks Podcast where he talks elodin, aerospace, funding, and book recommendations.

Company Update | May 2024

New features include Monte Carlo Replay, Command Palette, self-service onboarding with payment integration, and QoL improvements!
Innovation & Discovery

Demo | Rocket

This is a demo taking you through the step-by-step process of developing a rocket control system from scratch.

XPO+ Launcher Award Pitch for Autonomous Tech

Secured 2nd place at Xponential Conference's XPO+ startup pitch for our pitch and platform.

Company Update | April 2024

Rocket aerodynamics, fin control, Unreal Engine integration, satellite constellation support, GPU-accelerated plots with zoom and looping!

Company Update | March 2024

From double precision floats to Python integration, we're enhancing Elodin's simulation capabilities for aerospace innovation.