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Run thousands of simulations in seconds.

Elodin's Python physics toolkit enables aerospace engineers to rapidly design, test, and simulate control systems.


Flexible for any use case

Empowering you to create the next generation of autonomous systems

GNC Engineering

Elodin’s customizable physics framework allows you to easily create, simulate, and test complex algorithms.

Elodin allows your simulation to grow with your project; it works great for small simple simulations, as well as complex high-fidelity simulations.

Elodin’s built-in monte-carlo runner allows you to rapidly simulate 10,000s of samples simultaneously

Flight Software

With Elodin you seamlessly run SITL and HITL tests against existing flight hardware.

Elodin runs your flight software in the VM and connects it to your simulation. 

Elodin makes it easy to run your complete test suite in CI. You can run Monte Carlo tests on every PR or push to your repository.

Integration & Test

With Elodin there is no need to rewrite existing tests when it comes time to integrate.

You can easily use your existing test suite, hardened through algorithm and software development, to test your real hardware.

Elodin’s desktop app can also be used as a visualization dashboard to quickly analyze results

Flight Autonomy

Elodin is end-to-end built to support autonomous applications.

You don’t have to cobble together a series of tools to make a functional simulation, Elodin includes all the components needed to simulate complex autonomous systems.

ML Training

Elodin is perfect to use as an AI training system. By integrating with JAX, XLA, and Tensorflow you can easily take your existing AI stack and use Elodin to train autonomy with it.

Once you have trained your model you can run it through its paces with Elodin’s Monte Carlo testing platform.

RF Compromised Testing

Modern defense systems must be built to withstand RF-compromised situations.

Elodin makes it easy to test and simulate your systems in an RF compromised environment, and ensure that your system can withstand it.


Elodin is the perfect tool for students learning to create simulations, control systems, and flight software.

You can easily experiment, break, and test new ideas all from the comfort of your laptop. Since Elodin is open-source and free for noncommercial use it is the perfect tool to get started with aerospace. 


Elodin is the perfect tool for building custom for your classes. Our 3D visualization tool allows you to create custom demonstrations quickly and easily.

Elodin is perfect for creating lab work and exercises. Students will be able to quickly build real-flight-like systems in a fraction of the time.

Student Groups

Whether you are building rockets, drones, or satellites, Elodin allows student groups to quickly create and collaborate on complex systems.

Most advanced aerospace tools are locked away by expensive licenses. Elodin’s free license for non-commercial use allows students to use cutting-edge technology to create and simulate their projects.


Development Dispatches

News, Releases, and Product Announcements

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Company Update | June 2024

We're shifting to detailed blog posts instead of monthly videos, with quarterly videos for comprehensive updates.
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Innovation & Discovery

Drone Control System | Vol 1

We developed a drone control system using our simulation platform, showcasing how to model quadcopter dynamics and implement controls.

Python Physics Library

A toolkit for building custom physics engines using the GPU, imagine Tensorflow, but for physics.

Use our expressive API to describe your physics simulations, including multiple dynamics algorithms, realistic sensor simulation, and built-in Monte Carlo testing. Iterate quickly and with confidence.

python physics library

Monte Carlo Cloud Runner

Elodin makes running Monte Carlo simulations seamless through our cloud platform. We let you run 100,000s of simultaneous simulations right from the comfort of your laptop.

Monte Carlo testing is when you run a simulation multiple times with randomized initial conditions. We take your control software, bundle it into a VM, and run it in the cloud alongside your simulation.

Our dream is that you run a full Monte Carlo test of your control system every time you push code to GitHub.


Live 3D Viewer

A live-reloading 3d viewer to share, inspect, and analyze your simulations.

Discovering that a simulation has detected an issue is only the beginning of solving it. Our 3D environment visualizer allows the engineer to jump to the moment of error, view the performance characteristics at that moment of simulation, and rewind or advance the simulation to analyze better how the failure occurred.

Need a second pair of eyes on the problem? Quickly share that simulation moment with a link to the expert on your team.

retro monitor with a 3d quadcopter

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our platform, its uses, and technical requirements.

What is Elodin?

Elodin is a cutting-edge aerospace simulation platform that enables engineers to design, test, and simulate control systems for drones, satellites, and aerospace robotics.

How does Elodin work?

Elodin provides a Rust and Python physics simulation toolkit that utilizes XLA and JAX. We allow you to easily create custom physics simulations, all running on the GPU.

We also include a suite of simulations and algorithms to make building your simulation turn-key. Once you've built out your simulation, you can leverage our cloud platform to run massive numbers of tests in the cloud.

What industries can benefit from using Elodin?

Elodin is ideal for aerospace companies, research institutions, robotics developers, and educational institutions seeking to innovate and accelerate their aerospace projects.

Elodin is also useful for anyone else who needs a fast, GPU-accelerated simulation pipeline. If you have a different use case, feel free to reach out to us, and we can work on how you can use Elodin.

What programming languages or skills are required to use Elodin?

Elodin currently allows you to write physics simulations in Rust or Python. The software you are testing with our simulations can be written in any language you want.  

We plan on adding support for more languages in the future, if you have a specific language request please reach out.

Can I integrate Elodin with my existing workflow or tools?

Yes, Elodin is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing workflows and tools. Our goal is to allow incremental adoption of Elodin, use us for any piece of your simulation stack no matter how big or small.

How secure is Elodin’s platform?

Security is a top priority for Elodin. We employ industry-standard security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of user data.

Is Elodin suitable for beginners in aerospace engineering?

Yes, Elodin is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to engineers of all skill levels. Beginners can use Elodin’s intuitive interface and extensive documentation to get started with ease.