Making Autonomy Accessible

Elodin's vision is to make building autonomous systems as easy as building a website. We are starting with a cloud-based simulation platform.

Our vision is for a world filled with new and exciting satellites, drones, and other robots.

Our founders come from the world of traditional software development, where high-quality tooling and low-cost tooling are the norm. While building deep-space missions and interceptor missiles, we found that we were missing crucial tools. By making advanced tools accessible and affordable, we aim to empower the next generation of innovators.

Follow us on our journey to make autonomy more accessible.

Our Investors



Our team of innovators are attempting to shape the future of aerospace technology.

Daniel Driscoll
CEO & Co-Founder

An intrepid technologist with expertise spanning armored warfare, video game development, sales/marketing, CRM/LMS, digital content platforms, SaaS API platforms, blockchain technology, and aerospace technology, particularly in rocketry.

Sascha Wise
CTO & Co-Founder

A software engineer by practice and a physicist by training, Sascha has undertaken a diverse array of projects, including the development of a database for central banks and the creation of flight software for a deep space mission.

Tom Gurka
CCO & Co-Founder

A seasoned creative and product designer with an extensive background in shaping impactful digital experiences and pioneering products across a wide range of sectors. Played a pivotal role in building multiple companies from inception.

Andrei Khvalko
client app lead & Co-Founder

A versatile programmer, Andrei possesses an insatiable curiosity, navigating seamlessly from game development to cutting-edge web technologies, with recent years marked by a dedicated focus on intricate infrastructure.

Akhil Velagapudi
Systems Engineer & Co-Founder

Entered the startup realm with M10, cultivating expertise in distributed systems and fostering a passion for systems engineering; subsequent to M10, Akhil joined Google, contributing to Kubernetes networking with a specific focus on programmable data planes.

Open Positions

We're currently not hiring but please feel free to join our community and make yourself known!