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The Lobster Talks Podcast | The Unreal Engine for Aerospace

"What if you rapidly iterate and test flight software for rockets, drones, or satellites just like game developers do? In this episode of The Lobster Talks Podcast by Lobster Capital, we sit down with Daniel Driscoll, a former military officer turned software engineer, who is the CEO and co-founder of Elodin.

Elodin is on a mission to revolutionize the aerospace industry by providing a flight software development platform that streamlines and accelerates the process of building, testing, and deploying software for everything that flies – from drones and missiles to satellites.Dan's journey is nothing short of fascinating. From his time at West Point and serving in Iraq to working at Electronic Arts (on the Sims 4!) and Salesforce, his diverse experiences have shaped his leadership style and fueled his passion for innovation.

Drawing inspiration from the Unreal Engine used in game development, Elodin aims to be the go-to platform for aerospace engineers. It enables rapid iteration, collaboration, and high-fidelity simulation, making it easier and faster for companies of all sizes to develop cutting-edge flight software. With Elodin, the dream of space exploration is becoming more accessible than ever before."

Lobster Talks Podcast
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